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Monday, October 11, 2010


Thought it would be interesting to show a page from one of my sketch books.
The page shows how I set-up a mantis for our production.
The parts of the mantis such as the head, abdomen, legs etc. use standard techniques created for all our flies. The techniques were given names such as "wasp head" or "bee butt" and could then be referred to by me in my sketches. Someone else could then tye directly from them if they knew the "codes" and measurements. That way one page from my sketch book could makeup one pattern without repeating the basic techniques on every pattern.

This pattern was used many years ago to teach Becky and my son how to assemble a Mantis. After I met Bob I removed the production mantis from our line.
After all Bob is "Mantis"..!!


  1. awesome, thanks..I am speechless...

  2. you can find me on www.texasfishingforum.com...great stuff

  3. Thank you Avril, I'll check out your forum....



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