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Saturday, September 5, 2009

A little time on my hands.

Today is the calmest day I've had in a week. Bob and I started a new auction site and have been wildly busy. For anyone who doesn't know about it the address is http://www.bobanddavesauctions.com/ ....

It's giving me a chance to do a couple of things I've put off this last week. So, I've also spent a little time looking around to see some of what's going on out there. Of course the view is from my computers window to the world. I like keeping an eye out for fishable realistics. I noticed more suppliers and shops advertise some of their flies as "realistic". Some are more so than others. I take that as a sign the "Realistic movement" has had an impact. I've looked at some sites too. A couple that stand out are Freds' and Ulfs'. They each have some great offerings.

I like the way Ulf has incorporated realism and traditional in a fly. It shows they both can co-exist. Others have tried but I think Ulf has it down.

Fred on the other hand has gone another direction. He's specializing in warm water, Gulf Coast realistic fishing flies. That's a difficult road when your trying to deal with teachable, fishable realistics. I know Fred, he'll definitely get it done.

There are many more I've seen or known that specialized in fishable stones or mayfly nymphs. We of course specialized in realistic dries.

So I guess my question is, how does some images from a handful of tyers depicting art flies give the average tyer/fisherman or woman the idea that realistics are an art form that's not for fishing?

Probably unanswerable .....


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  1. David, thanks a lot for those kind words of my flies! Makes me very, very proud to get that kind of feedback from someone like yourself! Even though I have tied some only for display realistic flies in my days I have never really seen myself as a realistic fly tyer. I do love the challenge of adding the realistic touch to fishing flies; the simplistic realistic so to speak and that more than anything is my main passion in fly tying.

    Many warm greetings from cold Sweden


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