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Saturday, August 1, 2009

A little bit about my flies...

I started tying realistic flies to fish with. It began with all natural materials and traditional techniques. It soon became apparent that some materials had to change when I started selling my flies. The prices I asked per dozen were much higher than normal and questions of durability started to arise. In doing so I know I stretched the limits of what is considered a proper fly. I sealed the deer hair and thread bodies with flexament and changed the appendages to monofilament. The flies became more durable and my asking price acceptable. So over the years since, when I tyed a presentation fly, it was only logical and practical to use the same materials and techniques that I had used to build what little reputation I had. This is a fact that still drives (everybody uses "my good friend" so I'll just say "my friend") Bob Mead crazy. He doesn't like the mono legs and antenna on any of my flies. I do however still tye a presentation fly from time to time with all natural materials, after all they were originally designed to be tyed that way.

Since I brought Bob into this (at this time he doesn't know this blog exists) I need to add one more element to my tying. An element that helped little by little put my life back in place and brought me full circle back to my tying. The element is Bob Mead....There are others I have and will always be thankful to but from day one when my wife, my life, my tying partner died. He 's talked to me when I needed it, to lift me up when I couldn't. He backed me, like he was my brother, when I felt no one else was there. He gently guided and encouraged me when I needed it most. If from this time on anything good ever comes because I tyed a fly, it will be because of Bob Mead.


  1. It is great to see your contributions again David! You have been an inspiration to many of us.
    Your technique is unique and your ability to turn such simple materials into realistic creatures is simply amazing.
    Your comments about Bob are right on! One could not ask for a better friend.
    Thanks for keeping the realistic movement going strong!
    Your friend,

  2. Great work David. I got your name from Fred Hannie when he was working on linking us to his site. It's nice to connect to other realistic tyers (sp?).

  3. Great post David. I could write a similar one about you.Both of you have been at the forefront of the realistic movement and have secured a legacy in the minds and hearts of so many tiers.

  4. Thanks for the kind words guys. I appreciate them.


  5. David and Bob are two of my tying mentors! When I see their flies I sometimes get discouraged,but when I get behind my vice I say to myself "If I try harder I too can be as great as they are someday"! They make me challenge myself! They make me a better tyer! Thanks to Mr Martin & Mr Mead! Brad


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